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I didn't really think you'd have Good advice for me...

This page was on the net for over a year in its first incarnation. I'd asked people who either had been invited, or maybe just stumbled in, to leave me good advice. It was a pretty cool idea, I think. It didn't really do me a lot of good, but it did provide a forum for at least one psychotic to vent some steam. You never know - I may have prevented her from biting the head off some chicken somewhere. I guess you have to like that.

So. Don't leave me any more advice. I won't give you any advice, either. Sounds like a plan to me!

Other than the request for advice, I've always maintained that I really don't have anything to say to the world. I do my job, take care of my kids and try to leave things a little nicer than I found them.

I thought that being a nurse is a valuable thing to do, so perhaps wring about being a nurse would be worth looking at. To try to make it a little nicer, I've put a lot of pictures of roses. Well, actually more peonies than roses, but I'll keep adding!

This is the link to that page, if you're interested.

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