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In a page that I did about assessments and charting, I translated a couple of the little medical initials written in a chart.

I thought I'd do a little list here of medical acronyms, as well as code words and phrases that nurses use:

DNR - Do not recuscitate

NPO - Nothing by mouth

PO - By mouth (per os)

IM - Intramuscular (this is a regular shot)

SL - Sub Lingual (under your tongue)

SQ - Subcutaneous (under the skin)

IV - Intravenous (you know what that is)

CD - Circling the drain (hopefully this person is DNR)

OU - Both eyes

OD - Right eye

OS - Left eye

PIA - Pain in the Ass (referring to patient or family)

Crock - Someone who enjoys medical care and gets a lot of it - Usually also a PIA

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