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This is the 5C nurses' home page.  We hope you enjoy this page, and that you will take away a little understanding of our unit.

In the middle 1990's Neuro and Ortho were sister units.   5B was neurology, 5C was ortho/neuro and 5D was ortho.  In 1995, 5B was closed in order to open the Sub-acute care unit.  5C became neurology and 5D remained orthopaedics.

5C and 2D became sister units in 1997, under one nurse manager, and a separate manager for orthopedics.   In 1998, we again packed up and moved to a temporary floor for upgrading and refurbishing of our floor.  We moved back in to 5C in September, very pleased with our new surroundings.

We were nominated for the fourth quarter Legends Award.  Here is a picture of part of the team at the time.

Top row:  Tisha Meek, Tracy Tibbs, Faye Ferguson, Elizabeth Simpson, Suzanna Murphy
Middle row:  Charlotte Scott, Shelly Surface, Ramona Siefers, Barbara Powell, Chrystal Gomez, Valeria Nowell
Front row:  Dave McKenzie, Terri Pigg, Liz Williams

Our mission is to provide patient-focused, customer centered care, delivered by a multidisciplinary team that is quality and value driven.  We are a 24-bed unit, with a team-nursing approach.  We are one of the first units at St. Thomas Hospital to put the team leader concept into use.  Our teams consist of Registered Nurses and Patient Care Technicians sharing care for our patients.

Our patients generally consist of acutely ill neurology/neuroscience patients.  These may be people who have experienced stroke, brain tumor, intracranial hemorrhage, birth defects in the blood supply to the brain, and spinal injury or surgery.

Our patients range from having had relatively simple surgery, such as lumbar laminectomy, who will be up and about the day of the surgery, to people who have experienced devastating intracranial events, who will require assistance in every facet of living.  The nurses on 5C work very closely with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists in the care of our patients.

Keep an eye on this site.  We'll be renovating it as often as the spirit moves us.