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I've made some changest to the page about heart attack and stroke, and changed my page about nurses who are male. I'm workinng on a bit about why and how I left bedside nursing. It's not going as I write this, but by the time you read it (if anybody does) it may very well be up here.

I'm working on getting the flags set up more nicely, too. Stupid for a little thing like that to stump me, isn't it?

And last but not least, I've bowed to the numerous people who have said that the flower cursor trailer effect was annoying and distracting. I'd spent so much time getting that right that I was very reluctant to get rid of it. It's hiding in the backgrounds, and I'll probably drag it out at a moment's notice. But it had been here long enough that I've gotten over sitting here until all hours of the night, trying to get the stupid thing to work!! Ah well.

Somebody sent me the spiderman dancing. It had a HARD time getting him to show up on the page and to dance. I don't know who made this -- I wish I did know, I'd LOVE to give him/her credit for it. I LOVE it. I swear I've seen my nephew doing this dance!!!

I hope you enjoy my little space on the web.

Love - Dennie

Old News


I went felt that I had to change the wording of the pages where I've described anything about any patients. I made it so all the patients are he/she - in interest of patient confidentiality. I imagine that having everything say he/she and his/her is a bit annoying, but until I think of a better way to do it, I'm going to leave it that way.


Hi. I've put up a bit that another nurse sent me about experienced vs new nurses. I didn't do much to it, I swear! I enjoyed it and someone dared me to put it up here. I hesitated because it seems a bit cynical, and I don't want to seem that. I love to hear from other nurses, and this is something that will appeal to some, horrify others, and I hope I get a lot of feedback on it

Speaking of feedback, someone was nice enough to leave a note in my guestbook saying that the cursor effect is annoying and distracting. Do you have an opinion either way? If you do, please leave me a note on my guest book. Thanks!!

Love - Dennie

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